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How Active Financial Planning Works

1. Uncertainty is okay.


We can't control everything. We need to accept the randomness of life. Having a plan in place to address the things we can control is the first step and then we continue to revisit the plan as life changes.

2. Working together achieves the best results. 


You know your life. My job is to guide you through the tough decisions and maybe even call upon experts when needed. The plans success is a byproduct of us working together and not one individual on their own. 

3. Stay flexible.


This is the KEY to Active Financial Planning. The plan is always changing. Not because we are indecisive or change our mind - but because life is always changing.

4. Communication is key.

I could be great at my job but I still can't read your mind or predict the future. The best thing you can do is check in when your life changes in a major way or when you're thinking about your money. That's what I'm here for after all - to make sure you stay on track financially and stay focused on your long term goals.

The Active Financial Planning process helps you celebrate the life you have while navigating toward the life you want. Nothing here is cookie cutter. We start with your dreams and goals, and together we create a financial strategy you can't wait to implement. Click here to check out how the software we use helps you achieve those goals.

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