August & September Standout: Goosehead Insurance (GSHD)

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Gooshead insurance is probably a name you've heard me talk about before. It is one of my favorite investments for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is because I think it can be the Charles Schwab of independent insurance agents.

Like Schwab, they are now also offering a direct to consumer option where anyone can go on their website, enter a little info, and be offered insurance products to meet their needs.

There really wasn't much news to drive the stock higher in August other than that. For August the stock moved up over 20%. Goosehead was also higher in September which was a welcome sight since the general market was lower by about 4%.

I have no intention of selling. If you can build a position near $130 that would be ideal because it has experienced a bit of a run as of late.

This is a very volatile name so it could easily trade back to $100 or even lower but it's a name I hopefully will own for over 3-5 years so the fluctuations will just give me more opportunities to add. If you're interested in Goosehead look back at some of my older posts and you'll see why I love the name so much.