CVS Health Corporation - CVS

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CVS Health Corp is a company that probably doesn't need much of an introduction. They are one of the largest pharmacy chains with over 9,000 locations in 42 states. I've added this for almost all my clients at this point because I feel the value is there. The stock trades a P/E of 8 and boasts over a 3.5% dividend.

The biggest change that makes this not your father's CVS is the purchase of Aetna which should drive cost efficiency and help CVS become a more complete company. Another area of the business I like is the Minute Clinic division. With Amazon eating into every retailer and potentially eating into pharmacy (with pharmaceutical delivery - whether it be Amazon or another company), CVS needed to mutate and adapt to the current environment. Minute Clinic is the answer. This will drive traffic into the store which will help buoy retail sales and keep pharmacy thriving. When a patient can go receive simple care at a CVS, receive the medication on site, and pick up any ancillary products, CVS is hitting the trifecta.

Investors have punished this stock WAY too much because of it's retail exposure. This has provided investors like you and I with a great opportunity to own a company that is rewriting itself.