Fastly - FSLY

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

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Fastly is an interesting stock that has been pitched by the Motley Fool a few times and I think it's worth a small buy here. If you haven't heard of Fastly before don't worry - they've only been on the exchange since last summer. They have a neat business that moves the processing of websites closer to the end user. This increases speed for the end user and could also improve security in some aspects. Their user base is small (but growing fast) and they work with some all-star companies like Shopify. They are just at the beginning of their growth trajectory in my opinion.

The value is there too. While they aren't netting a profit they are trading at around 8x sales and a lot of this space is trading at least double that figure. So when compared to the group there seems to be less risk in that facet. It's a new business for me though and one that I might not understand fully. Because of that, the weighting is a bit smaller but I do like it here in the low 20's.

I'm also glad I put the position on for all my clients before earnings because I think there is a good chance this trades higher after earnings like many in the sector have.