October Standout: Galaxy Digital (BRPHF)

Galaxy Digital is a name I haven't talked about before since I purchased it. They are a financial services and an investment management company, which engages in the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and block chain technology sectors. I like the name because they make money regardless of what the cryptocurrencies do but they obviously will make more money if the prices of crypto continue to go up.

They had another excellent quarter as institutional investors continue to get more interested in crypto but their returns are obviously tied to the performance of bitcoin and other coins. It's impossible for me to say where crypto will go or if we're in a bubble but Galaxy Digital is a way for me to have exposure to the sector without being directly involved in the coins themselves.

It's weird because I feel that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have amazing applications in the future but I just don't know who the winner will be, how it will be applied, or when it will be adopted. So even though I don't fully believe/understand it right now, it's a big enough story that I need to have some exposure. My position in this name is small so I can hold it through the ebbs and flows.