The easy,

affordable 401(k)

for small business.

How we're different.
We have partnered with Guideline who provides the administration, compliance, and recordkeeping to make your job easy. Castle Hill then provides support to all participants to empower their financial lives.
Guideline does the heavy lifting
Guideline makes 401(k) plans easy by integrating with popular payroll providers, onboarding your employees, and handling plan administration and compliance. 
Intelligent investments
Choose from over 40 mutual funds from Vanguard and other low-cost providers. We can also help each employee pick a portfolio that fits their goals. 
Everyone gets to save
The fully integrated solution starts at $8/employee plus a $39 base each month. All plan participants receive a financial professional for 0.50% a year - deducted from the employee account.
Our simple fee has you and your employees covered
Investment management
Choose from over 40+ index funds from Vanguard and other low-cost providers. We'll help participants choose a managed portfolio with fees well below the industry average. 
Outside accounts
Employees can also receive unbiased advice on all investments held outside of their 401(k). They can have those accounts professionally managed for the same low fee.
Planning tools
Employees get access to all of the planning tools at Castle Hill where they can collaborate with an advisor at no additional cost to you, the employer. Learn More
Fiduciary services
We serve as a fiduciary to you and all of your employees. This means our advice will always be in your best interest, not ours. 
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