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Castle Hill is an independent wealth management firm. We aren't handcuffed by a large bank or big executive only looking out for his large year-end bonus. We hand picked our vendors and partners in order to bring the best value to our clients.  

Fee-Only Fiduciary

Being fee-only means we only get paid one way, by you. This removes any hidden incentives to sell you bad products you don't need. 


Being a fiduciary means that we are legally required to act in your best interest rather than put our profit first. So when we recommend a certain product or strategy, you know we mean it.

Our Approach

In an age of robots and blending in with the crowd, we are not afraid to be different. We believe stocks are the best way to achieve wealth over a long period of time. In fact, we believe many investors, young and old, are underinvested in equities at any given time.

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Meet The Team


Jonathan Maula

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Jonathan is the lead investment manager at Castle Hill Capital. He handles all client portfolios and provides guidance to clients on a variety of financial topics.  Jonathan began his career as a trader in New York City before moving on to help clients on a more personal level. He believes all investment advice should be accessible and easy to understand.


Janice Hoke

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Janice has been in the financial services industry for a majority of her career. She handles all of the day to day functions at Castle Hill and provides a high level of service to all of the clients she serves. 

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