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What We Do For You.

In an age of robots and blending in with the crowd, we are not afraid to be different. We believe stocks are the best way to achieve wealth over a long period of time. In fact, we believe many investors, young and old, are underinvested in equities at any given time.


While stocks are our primary focus, we'll still use other asset classes, such as bonds, to help investors reach their goals. Each investor is different and our portfolios are a direct reflection of that uniqueness. 

Accounts Serviced

All investment accounts are held at Charles Schwab which provides unmatched security and transparency. We service individual accounts, joint accounts, retirement accounts (IRA, Roth, SEP, and more), trust accounts, custodial accounts, and provide 401(k) services for small businesses. 

All Access

Access your accounts securely on all your devices 24/7. You'll be able to view balances, trades, transactions, and safely move money into and out of your accounts at your convenience. Castle Hill Capital only has the authority to invest the funds in your account. You can sleep easy knowing your assets are protected.


All of our services are included under one fee. No commissions. No hidden charges. No nonsense.
Our guidance and investment management is 1% of the total account value per year. Our success is directly tied to your success.

Small Business Solutions.

We have you and your employees covered.
Investment Management
Choose from over 40+ index funds from Vanguard and other low-cost providers. We'll help participants choose a managed portfolio with fees well below the industry average. 
Outside Accounts
Employees can also receive unbiased advice on all investments held outside their 401(k). They can have those accounts professionally managed for the same low fee. 
Fiduciary Service
We serve as a fiduciary to you and all of your employees. This means our advice will always be in your best interest, not ours. 


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