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When You Shouldn't Want The Market To Go Up

We all want the market to go up but maybe we shouldn't.

Hear me out.

If you're approaching retirement or in retirement this article isn't for you. You do want the market to go up. Or you at least want to sell your stocks when the market is high.

But for the rest of us under 50 years of age, we should embrace a weak market.


Because you're always buying. And you usually want to buy goods & services at lower prices than higher prices, right?

Each week you get paid and you have left over savings and/or money is put into your 401(k) - you're buying stocks probably. And if you aren't you should be.

One of the best things that could happen is the market goes nowhere for 10 years and you get to buy stocks at great prices. Because what usually happens after periods of market weakness? Growth. And sometimes robust growth like we experienced for the past 10+ years.

So the younger you are the more you should embrace market weakness and the older you are the more you should embrace selling during these robust times we've just experienced. Especially now that you can achieve a risk free rate of return of 5% or more as a retiree.


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